Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 NIssan Altima

To commemorate 30 years of Nissan Technical Center, Nissan as one of the largest automotive companies from the land of Uncle Sam manufactured by Nissan Canton, Mississippi, again shows its fangs by releasing their latest product, Nissan Altima Hybrid.

 "Family sedan" car introduced at the event New York Auto Show 2012, last April, was expected as a superior product of Nissan for using updated interesting features. Active Understeer Control providing maximum balance once Altima speed off on U turn. Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System equipped by Streaming Audio via Bluetooth allows driver freely talk on the phone without being noisy by hands free wire, as if the speaker seats beside the driver. Further, put away your fears will be lost on the road or stuck in traffic, Google POI (Point of Interest) feature inserted onto the MID supports us seem to have a reliable personal assistant guides that can guide you with Google Maps plus if speed up in certain meter cluster, you will be take away into digital world beyond. Not only that, a series of other features can also be found in the interior of this super advanced hybrid sedan car.


The rival of premium sedan Toyota Camry and Honda Accord obtain brand new design which is braver and exciting styling.  Sporty image will take your breath away once you see the car. Altima aggressive view showed by its turn signal lamp position and headlamp which made combined. How elegant. These both headlamps made clamp on the front grille listed by chrome. The chrome touchy also seen on the handle of door and baggage car. The use of LED as light source applied on taillight of same arrowed angled design as seen on headlamp is what making it looks more fabulous and classy. 

The domination of gray and beige color inside gives Altima trendy and elegant look. Not just those three features described above, additional features therein are not less interesting. Beginning from Airbag Standard on driver and passenger seats and side headrests, car seat which publishes been designed by Zero Gravitate technology from NASA adequately gives spine in a neutral position and makes driving comfortable feel and stress free. The use of super-sophisticated sensors of Blind Spot Warning, Movement Object Detection, Lane Departure Warning, also believed able to reduce risk of death and injury to the driver. Moreover, Advance Drive - Assist technology or digital navigation inserted between two analog gages, Speedometer and Odometer, is able to give variety of information about car condition at whole.


Two hybrid engine options of 2.5-liter 4-cylinder DOHC (182 hp) and 3.5-liter V6 (270 hp) will be set up on Altima 2013. The use of these machines will make Altima able to optimize the speed of vehicles up to 16.16 km with only 1 liter fuel. Those four new suspensions applied to support responsive grip and steadily drive. Both come newest version of Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) equipped by a unique front wheel.

Nissan Altima is also one of the most eco-friendly vehicles on the road. The shift in electricity and gasoline significantly give lower fuel consumption overall, making the engine combustion production inside machine significantly lower.


With those advanced features and exotic inside look described above, Nissan Altima 2013 predicted to release at 200-300 million around. Sounds good?